Judge Tonya Parker

Despite lesbian Dallas County Judge Tonya Parker’s hope that her refusal to marry straight couples until marriage equality is gained in Texas will fade from the public’s attention, her name and stance still frequent headlines.

More than a month has passed since her comments at a Stonewall Democrats of Dallas meeting were first reported on Instant Tea. Our video of Parker’s comments has been viewed more than 29,000 times. A longer story followed, as did hundreds of interview requests from national media.

Parker told us the media attention was “an incredible distraction” before declining a longer, in–depth interview.

The Dallas Morning News ran articles and opinion pieces on Parker’s comments, the most recent coming just last Monday in the form of a front-page article. In the article, Parker clarified that she only wants to serve and doesn’t want to make political statements. As with us, she declined The DMN’s request for a longer interview. The article, like all of ours, found only positive support from various friends and people who’ve interacted with Parker or influenced her career.

Then, on Friday, a New York Law School blog post analyzed the legality of Parker’s decision, comparing her stance to a New York county clerk’s refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses last year after marriage equality became law. The contrast between the job responsibility of the county clerk and the job option for Parker to perform marriages is clearly defined in the blog, along with kudos to Parker for her decision.

So, while Parker continues to decline interview requests— the Morning News reported that she’s turned down CNN and The Ellen DeGeneres Show — the comments she made in February continue to be discussed and analyzed.