Tracy James Jones. Between the Shades

Local author Tracy James Jones talks about love and life in the Jill Salvino documentary, ‘Between the Shades.’

Last Feburary, James Russell wrote this profile of local author Tracy James Jones, whose novels feature transgender characters struggling with love, and who had just returned from New York where she participated in the filming of Between The Shades, a feature-length documentary that, in the words of Emmy-winning filmmaker Jill Salvino, “seeks to explore the many shades of being gay by what connects us all: love.”

Salvino explains that the documentary, which will feature 50 LGBT people talking about themselves and their lives, looks at “love though 360 degrees of parents, children and generations. The participants will represent a large range of age groups, ethnicities and professions. They are male, female and those who are still yet to be defined.”

Tracy James Jones, who normally splits her time between Dallas and Waxahachie, describes herself as transgender or gender nonconforming. Watch a brief video of Tracy here.

Watch a longer video about the documentary here or below, and check out the IMDB site here. There’s a Between the Shades Facebook page here, and you can learn more about Jill Salvino on Facebook and on her website.

You can read more about Tracy and her books here on her “Let’s Talk About Books” website, and here on her Facebook page.

Between the Shades Trailer from creative director on Vimeo.