Train may seem random to review for Instant Tea-baggers but if our own avid concertgoer Chance hadn’t made it to the show last night, we might not have been privy to the girl-to-girl proposal that happened. He caught some of it on camera as you can see in blurred glory above as well as some Train action. My personal favorite moment of the whole video though is marked at :56. Priceless.

And here’s Chance’s take on the show.

Being a long-time fan of the band Train I was uber-excited when I scored last minute tickets. I love all of the classics (Ed. note: classics?) and am enjoying their new album Save Me San Francisco. I went to the concert both excited about the tunes and the super-hot front man, Pat Monahan. By the end of the  show, which was the last stop on their tour, I felt fulfilled on both fronts.

We were super close to the stage, so had I thought to take a spare pair of panties, I could and would have totally thrown them slingshot style. The band was very interactive with the audience, inviting young ladies up on the stage on a couple occasions. I have to admit, the crowd did not seem very gay. I didn’t expect it to so I wore my Legalize Gay tee to put the gays on the map for the night. However, in a spontaneous moment, Monahan invited his lesbian friend onstage who then proposed to the “the love of her life.” The crowd erupted in applause/support. This then led into the band’s song “Marry Me.” Very apropos.

Monahan invited a young lady onstage and proceeded to change shirts with her. The ladies in the crowd loved it as he stripped down. Me included! Monahan  began the song “When I Look to the Sky” without his mike which was amazing and showcased the band’s live performance abilities and his vocals especially.

All in all, an amazing night that took a super gay spin.обслуживание сайта цена киев