‘Real World’ roomie Katelynn delivers transgender gospel at UNT

REAL GIRL: Cusanelli underwent sexual reassignment surgery only weeks before "Real World: Brooklyn"started taping.

Since 1992, MTV’s "The Real World" has illuminated televisions with fresh images of diverse queers. On its 21st edition, set in Brooklyn, the show welcomed its first transgender cast member, Katelynn Cusanelli, who underwent sexual reassignment surgery in Thailand just weeks before cameras rolled.

A few of her roommates were immediately aware that "there’s something about Katelynn" that was unusual. She delayed her "official" coming out to all, but even the more bone-headed roommates were quickly guessing that Katelynn wasn’t born female.

It was refreshing that "The Real World" didn’t try to hide Katelynn’s obviously geeky qualities. She punched the other girls a little too hard. And while she was still getting used to her new figure, the roommates questioned Katelynn’s hoochie-mama fashion choices.

After some horribly boring seasons (remember "Real World: Austin"?) "Brooklyn" was a welcome comeback.

On Thursday, Katelynn visits the University of North Texas to deliver a lecture about transgender issues in the modern world.

Katelynn Cusanelli delivers a 50-60 minute lecture at the Silver Eagle Room at the University of North Texas, University Union, 1155 Union Circle Dr. in Denton.
April 16 at 8 p.m.

Free, but advance tickets are required. For tickets, call 940-565-3805.


On Wednesday, Bravo airs Kathy Griffin’s sixth comedy special, "She’ll Cut a Bitch." The D-list diva recalls spending her birthday at Cher’s house and dishes up some backstage dirt from the Grammys.

"I’m calling complete bullshit on The Jonas Brothers’ purity rings. I had a boyfriend in high school who had a purity ring, because he was saving himself for when he got married. And then he got married — to a nice man named David," Griffin jokes.

While she does a rotten imitation of Cher, Griffin brilliantly copies Rosie O’Donnell.
Speaking of lesbians… "You know what we really need in The White House? One good, financially focused lesbian. Who’s with me: Suzie Orman 2012!

"I love her. There is nothing a good, focused lesbian cannot do. You move Suzie Orman into The White House — she will remodel it, flip it and sell it to the Chinese for a profit. She could turn around the financial crisis in eight days. And at the same time, she’d be training seven dogs and caulking a tub."

— Daniel A. Kusner

Grade B+
April 15 at 9 p.m. on Bravo
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