The Texas Tribune

Therese Bur and Sabrina Hill’s recent same-sex marriage in San Antonio was only possible due to an apparent loophole, and some in the LGBT community say their marriage is disingenuous and creates unnecessary confusion, but we disagree. For one thing, we’re thrilled that the marriage has stumped the hell out of right-wingers in Texas, including Attorney General Greg Abbott and State Rep. Warren Chisum. Above all, though, we see it as a touching love story and a compelling case for equal benefits for all couples, regardless of gender. The Texas Tribune has posted an in-depth piece about the Bur and Hill that’s well worth reading in its entirety. Here’s a snippet:

For Hill and Bur, getting married was about more than a public declaration of their lifelong commitment to each other or making a statement about equal rights. The two have been living for years in poverty. They live in the house they’ve been building in rural Hudspeth County, just east of El Paso. They can’t afford a hot water heater, and recently they’ve had trouble finding a way to pay Bur’s medical bills. If they were legally married, though, Hill could draw more monthly benefits from the Veterans Administration (she served in the Army), and Bur could get health insurance. After the El Paso clerk turned down their request for a marriage license, Bur says she was despondent, ready to give up. “I thought maybe we should just continue on in poverty,” she says. “It’s not fun, but we can do this.” Hill told her to have faith.

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