Jenna Skyy’s mom isn’t the only supportive parent in the Hoselton household


PROUD PAPA | Jim Hoselton always knew his son Joe would thrive in the limelight — he just didn’t know it would be as drag diva Jenna Skyy. (Arnold Wayne Jones/Dallas Voice)

Last month, we profiled Joe Hoselton aka Jenna Skyy and his mom, Carmen — a supportive mother of her drag diva son. Well, Carmen wasn’t the only parent in the Hoselton household who thinks Joe does a great job in a dress. Proud papa Jim Hoselton could not be more pleased by his boy’s skill at becoming a girl. We asked Jim to weigh in on what it’s like having a son (Joe) who becomes a de facto daughter (Jenna) for crowds of drag fans.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

Dallas Voice: How long have you been married? Jim: 48 years. All my celebrations I have are in April: One son was born on the 2nd, one on the 9th, one on the 11th and my wedding anniversary is the 10th.

When is the first time you saw Joe turn into Jenna?  It was at Gay Bingo. I knew he did it and saw some photos before, but that was the first time I saw him perform.

What do you think of Joe’s drag show?  He’s talented. When he was 5 years old, he had never been onstage before, but someone got sick who was supposed to talk [in front of a crowd]. Joe got up and took over and has been a natural when you put the lights on him ever since. So he didn’t really surprise me that he would [do Jenna so well].

When he’s Jenna, he’s taller than you.  Yes, I’m not quite used to that.

Do you have a favorite Father’s Day memory with any of your sons?  I don’t have any, because I have had too many great ones.

You have three sons…. Yes, and they are all completely different. I tried to raise my kids very independent. Everyone’s good at something and whatever you do well, you’ve got to pursue your own talents. What makes you happy makes everyone around you happy.

That’s what every gay kid wants to hear from his dad. Thanks.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition June 15, 2012.