Misty Plowright

Misty Plowright

Two trans women won primaries on Tuesday, June 28, and will be on the ballot for a U.S. House and a U.S. Senate seat.

Oddly, both are named Misty.

Utah Democrats chose Misty Snow to run against incumbent U.S. Sen. Mike Lee. Democrats in Colorado’s 5th Congressional district, which includes Colorado Springs, chose Misty Plowright as their nominee. The district includes the headquarters of the anti-gay hate group Focus on the Family.

Snow won by 20 points after her opponent came out in favor of restrictions on abortion rights. Plowright is an army veteran who beat her opponent by 16 points.

Both are considered long shots in the general election. Outside of Salt Lake City, Utah is a solidly Republican state and the Colorado Springs area is extremely conservative, even if the rest of the state is not.