Sandra Dunn (Photo by Stephen Spillman/Amarillo Glove-News)

Sandra Dunn, the transgender woman running for mayor of Amarillo, this week had to withdraw her application to compete in the election and resubmit it because state law prohibits candidates from running for office using anything other than their legal name, according to reports in the Amarillo Globe-News.

Dunn, whose legal name is Fred E. Dunaway, has refiled her application using the name F.E.(Sandradunn) Dunaway. She initially refiled as “F.E. (Sandra Dunn) Dunaway, but had to change the application again because state law allows only one, non-hyphenated “nickname” on the ballot.

Dunn, 53, is one of eight candidates running for mayor. The field includes pastor David Grisham who once called for a boycott of Houston after that city’s residents elected out lesbian Annise Parker as mayor.

Dunn is an Army veteran. She previously ran a supply business but closed it after her business partner was murdered on the premises, and is now studying for her master’s degree, according to