I just received a notice about the city’s sanitation department’s move to combine the days trash and recycling are picked up per the city’s budget being adopted today. Dallas Sanitation Services will switch some 180,000 households to, what they are calling, OneDay service in March 2010. Because of this move, the city will lower the service fees and residents can expect to see a $.64 savings on their monthly bill. Score!

Neighborhoods in North and Northwest Dallas have already transitioned to the service and according to DSS director, Mary Nix, it’s a success.”After seeing how easily it worked and how pleased our customers are with the change, the City Council decided to switch everyone else over in March 2010,” Nix said.

Plus, it’s got that whole economic and environmentally friendly thing going for it. “From using natural gas vehicles for waste collection to building a methane plant at our landfill, we’re willing to try anything that makes sense and is cost-effective.  OneDAY is both.  And best of all, it’s easy for people to do and to remember,” Nix said.

Sounds like the first step is just knowing when that particular one day will be. I went to their Web site, punched in our office address and some other Oak Lawn area addresses and it looks like the city will tend to this part of town on Thursdays.kak-stat-hakerom.comчто такое медийная реклама