I first started working at Dallas Voice in June, 1988. That was back when LGBT and AIDS activism in Dallas was really in its heyday. The Gay Urban Truth Squad (GUTS) and DGLA and the Lesbian Gay Political Coalition were making headlines every week. Judge Jack Hampton was saying gay murder victims deserved what they got, and Mica England was fighting the city for openly gay and lesbian people to have the right to serve on the police department.

One name that anybody who was paying attention back then would recognize was Frank Trejo. Frank was a gay reporter at the Dallas Morning News, and he was the one writing many of the DMN’s stories about what was happening with and to the LGBT community.

I just learned that Frank was among those who got axed this week as the Morning News staged its most recent round of layoffs, and I wanted to say that I think the DMN lost a valuable employee when they laid him off — and our community lost a valuable voice inside the ranks of the city’s only major daily.

Frank has posted a farewell message at DMNCuts.blogspot.com. In that post, he noted he had worked for the paper for about 20 years. He also noted that he and his partner are celebrating their 21st anniversary this weekend. So I just wanted to say, first of all, happy anniversary Frank. I wish you were marking this milestone under better circumstances, job-wise. And secondly, good luck. I know our community will miss having you on the DMN staff.mailbrutix.ruпродвижение и раскрутка сайта одесса