watchBig watches are everywhere lately — from pools, pictured right, to clubs, pictured below — seen with both leather and metallic bands. There’s nothing wrong with bringing a little volume to your wrist — it allows for the normally minute detail lost on standard-sized faces to be all the more eye-catching and memorable. It only gets better when they come in such a variety of colors and options that are not necessarily immature or garish.

All we ask is that you consider proportions in regards to your body type, clothing and other accessories. Wear something sleek and tight with your oversized timepiece to make it pop all the more. Too much bold flare can easily overwhelm your stature and the senses. If you have a tiny wrist, slapping a massive watch on it may not be for you, but don’t worry: Small is completely out. Plus, we all have to ask ourselves the age-old queerstion: “When is big too big?”

— J. Denton Bricker