Did you get the memo? Cuz we sure didn’t — we had to discover it on our own. We’re talking about the new summer fashion trend for pool wear: Speedos (always in gay style) paired not with sandals or the ubiquitous flip-flops … but with hightop sneakers. And not just and ol’ ratting pair of Keds: We’re talking colorful, neon-ish kicks designed to be worn open at the ankle, flaired almost as if intended for a superhero or Winged Mercury.

We don’t object. We’re so over the thong craze. And even if wearers initially look like 1970s-era b-ball players sporting their big brother’s oversized tennies, the gays know how to rock a look and be sensible: Since you’re not gonna dive into the pool anyway, non-skid sneaks are a no-brainer. And whose looking at your shoes, anyway?

— Arnold Wayne Jones

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 24, 2013.