Trish Hudson, taken in New York, the day before her death
Trish Hudson, taken in New York, the day before her death

This week we ran an obituary for Trish Hudson who died suddenly on a trip to New York. While the version in the paper was a traditional obit, I had gotten so many sweet comments from friends that I wanted to share.

“Her friends were her life,” said John Altier, who worked with Hudson at Dr. Pounders’ office. “We laughed all day long.”

Henry Rivas, another friend, said, “The joke with Trish always was, no matter who she was with, someone else would come by and they knew her too. Or you would invite her to a dinner to meet new friends and they knew each other already.”

Jason Harlow said, “She always called me her little brother. She was a pop culture genius. She knew music, artists, actors and movies. She would be my lifeline on a TV game show.”

Pam Timme said, “She cared more about making everyone around her happy that she often put herself last. She would do without so you could have. She never took the spotlight away from you, but made sure it was put directly on you. However, she might knock you over to get the microphone for karaoke as she loved to sing and dance. There were many nights after our weekly Survivor parties that turned into karaoke until 2 a.m.”

I met Trish when she came into the office to confirm that two men who were on a plane that crashed off the coast of Florida were a local gay couple. Jeff Byron and Greg Arceneaux were two of her closest friends and other friends said she has been grieving their deaths since the July accident.

Since then, she has been a great source for my health reporting. Has her office, which has a large number of patients with HIV, received any H1N1 vaccine? Who should I call about any number of other health related questions? She was always helpful, friendly, funny. I’ve only known her a short time and mostly as a phone contact but I’ll miss her too.

Still no word on autopsy results. The funeral is this afternoon.

— David Taffet

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