Redskins receiver lamely muses about Aikman’s sexuality

WISHFUL THINKING? Troy Boy sure is handsome enough for gay rumors.

The last time Troy Aikman made gaydar needles seriously bounce was in “Jerry McGuire” the scene at the end when he meets Tom Cruise. That was in 1996, the same year that Kip Bayless wrote “Hell-Bent,” which addressed Aikman’s closet-case rumors but came up empty handed. If my sports-lit memory serves correctly, Skip’s big smoking gun was that Aikman had visited Oak Lawn’s Melrose Hotel.
If the former Cowboys quarterback is hooking up with dudes, he’s seriously keeping it under wraps. So much that even the latest gossip blast barely titillated mostly because all the dust has since settled.

This week, the blogosphere unearthed a podcast interview with Washington Redskins wide receiver Brandon Lloyd that aired Monday.

While working as a FOX sports commentator, Aikman criticized Lloyd for missing a “tough but catchable” pass during the Oct. 14 game, when Washington lost to Green Bay, 17-14.
It’s easy to see right through Lloyd’s typical bone-headed taunt: If someone questions a jock’s ability, then the worst thing you can do is call him a fag.

Brandon Lloyd

Here’s a portion of the transcript:
B LLOYD: I don’t believe Troy Aikman anyway. He wasn’t man enough to admit his personal life situation while he was a player.

So I have a tough time believing him.
What do you mean, his personal life?

And there’s nothing wrong with his personal life, you know, I have nothing wrong with, with Hey, I’m speculating too. Troy’s speculating, and I’m speculating.

You’re just throwing him under the NFL players don’t He’s, like, married He’s just speculating Are you saying that you know something we don’t?

If there is any truth to the Aikman rumors, at least he’s never taken the bait and reacted by throwing hissy fits like Tom Cruise has.

Even gay footballer Dave Kopay has apologized to Aikman. During a GQ interview, the former running back was asked if he’d bang Aikman. In an off-the-cuff manner, Kopay said sure. Then he felt bad because it probably only intensified the unsubstantiated rumors. When the two ended up on the same plane ride, Kopay told Aikman he was sorry about the comment. In an interview with, Kopay said he thinks Skip Bayless has a screw loose.

Daniel A. Kusner

Two Dragonflies of Dallas teams did well at the U.S. Open Triathlon last Sunday.

In the Sprint Relay (850m swim, 40k bike, 5k run), Team Le (members Kevin Le, David Duong and Cory Swartz) placed second with a time of 2:13:03. Third place went to Team Timbol (Tom Timbol, pictured, Hai To and Kevin Wong) with a time of 2:14:28 . According to Timbol, team times were based on “best of each event” basis.

Dragonflies is a social-support group for gay Asians. The U.S. Open was the first time members teamed up for a sports competition.

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