In a rare map comparison of anything ever, Texas is the same color as California, New York and Massachusetts. (Gallup)

President Donald Trump’s approval rating in the latest Gallup Poll is 38 percent. In Texas, his approval rating stands at 39 percent.

It seems the closer people are to Trump, the less they like him. In the election, only 8 percent of voters in Manhattan voted for him. Now, Trump’s lowest approval rating is in Washington D.C. with 6 percent approval.

Among states, Vermont likes Trump the least giving him a 26 percent approval. Rounding out the bottom are Massachusetts (27 percent), California (29 percent) Hawaii (29 percent) and Maryland and home state New York (30 percent).

In 12 states, Trump’s approval remains about 50 percent — Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Trump’s first year approval rating was the lowest in Gallup polling history. His approval at the end of one year was 20 points lower than President Barack Obama’s.

The Gallup organization noted that in the low polling number is significant in years with Congressional elections. “Popular presidents also tend to weather midterm election years with fewer party losses in Congress,” Gallup reported.

In addition, Trump will be a drag on elections in more states than expected, including Texas. However, Democratic senators in Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia are up for re-election. Should Trump’s popularity in those states translate into Republican wins, a Democratic takeover of the Senate could be difficult.

— David Taffet