The Rev. Gil Caldwell and Marilyn Bennett bring their "Truth in Progress" project to Dallas on Feb. 4.
The Rev. Gil Caldwell and Marilyn Bennett bring their “Truth in Progress” project to Dallas on Feb. 4.

My old (“old” as in I have known her for years, not “old” as in age!) friend Marilyn Bennett is coming back to Dallas next week, and she is bringing with her the Rev. Gil Caldwell, and they are looking for people to participate in a project that looks to be very, very interesting,

It’s called “Truth in Progress: Conversations in Mixed Company,” and it is a “three-year multi-media project exploring issues of race, sexual orientation and religion, with some gender and age thrown in with a heavy dose of humor,” according to the Truth in Progress Web site.

Rev. Caldwell — a straight, black, male, older, retired civil rights movement foot soldier — and Marilyn — a younger, white lesbian author, sometimes-activist — are carrying their project to different cities around the country that have been significant in either or both the black civil rights movement and the LGBT civil rights movement to talk to people and film interviews that will be included in the project’s interactive Web site, its print publication and its full-length documentary.

Comparisons between the two civil rights movements are a touchy subject for many people. And Marilyn and Rev. Caldwell want as many people — with as many different opinions — as possible to join the conversation.

Go here to check out the Truth in Progress Web site for more information on the project, on Marilyn and on Rev. Caldwell. Read their blog. Start thinking about what they are saying, and start thinking about how you want to contribute to the conversation.

And make plans to attend the event in Dallas. next Thursday, Feb. 4, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at First Unitarian Church. 4015 Normandy Ave.

As the Web site says, “There’s no cost to get in, and no cost to get out. But if you want to leave a check or cash in between, that’s certainly acceptable.”siteпроверить индексацию