Watching the opening sequence of Pretty Hurts, the new Logo reality series, with needles injecting Botox and collagen into eyebrows and lips nearly made me pass out. And that’s basically the entire show for 30 minutes: Injectibles being hypodermically inserted into tightly pulled faces by Rand Rusher, a gay registered nurse (not a doctor) who has been called the Mr. Fix-It of Hollywood.

Only it’s not clear what he’s fixing. Because it’s set in L.A., virtually everyone on the show (including Rusher) seems to be, literally, made of plastic. True enough, they don’t look old — then again, they don’t look wholly human, either. They are youthful fakes.

There’s only so much of that, plus the dishy refusal to actually dish (suggestions of celeb clients masked behind the veil of patient confidentiality), that I can put up with, though Rusher’s personality grows on you  — he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. And you shouldn’t take the show too seriously.

Two stars.

Premieres Saturday at 7 p.m. on Logo