I was just looking through some stats at the Texas Secretary of State’s Web site and found some interesting numbers:

As of Oct. 31 (last Friday), 42.05 percent of the registered voters in Dallas County had cast early ballots. That means, out of the 1,208,151 registered voters, 508,070 early voted.

In Tarrant County, 47.93 percent of registered voters early voted, or 459,842 of 959,499 registered voters.

The early vote turnout in the state’s 15 largest counties was 42.03 percent.

Statewide, in the November 2004 General Election, the total turnout was only 56.57 percent.

Another interesting statistic: As of the 2008  Primary, there were 12,752,417 registered voters in Texas. Only 10.68 percent of that number voted in the Republican Primary, while more than twice that number — 22.54 percent — voted in the Democratic Primary.

I also found it interesting that there were 12,752,417 registered voters in Texas on the day of the 2008 primaries, and 12,264,36 registered on the day of the 2004 primary elections. On that list of 15 largest counties, the total number of registered voters in those counties for the General Election in 2004 was 8,134,811, compared to 8,460,139 this year.

The number of registered voters in Tarrant County jumped from 918,656 in 2004 to 959,499 this year. But the number in Dallas County actually dropped, from 1,231,291 in 2004 to 1,208,151 this year.

If you want to take a look back at some of the historical election data in Texas while you are waiting for the results of this historic election, go to the Texas Secretary of State’s Election Division Web site here.сайтпродвижение сайта объявлений