Brian Brown is crowing that the HRC’s NOM Exposed website actually helped NOM in an online fundraising drive.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today thanked the Human Rights Campaign for its website, leading to the successful completion of the most ambitious online fundraising drive in NOM’s history. “I had to laugh when I first saw HRC’s new website,,” said NOM president Brian Brown. “With all its name-calling, intimidation and over-the-top graphics, there’s no way it could ever be taken for a serious exposé of NOM. I mean, their big secret is that NOM is supported by Mormons, evangelicals and Catholics? I’ve just spent a week telling everyone I know to go visit the HRC website.”

In response to the campaign, the National Organization for Marriage launched its own site,, an online “money bomb” with a goal of raising 0,000 over 7 days. With a matching grant in place, the total campaign goal was 0,000. NOM announced today that the campaign brought in a total of 7,583 from 986 supporters before last Friday’s midnight deadline, qualifying for the full 0,000 match and bringing the total amount raised to 7,583 in just one week.

Brown concludes: “Instead of putting that money into silly attack websites, we will use every penny to protect marriage, organizing grassroots support, holding politicians accountable, and reaching out to those who are still undecided or willing to reconsider their views on same-sex marriage. My thanks to each of our supporters, and thank you, HRC!”

Joe. My. God.