Wayne Besen, executive director of Truth Wins Out, sent out a press release today expressing his concern over what he sees as the extreme right wing bent of the candidates for chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Besen was particularly concerned with former Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell who, Besen said, once compared gay people to “arsonists and kleptomaniacs,” described their lives as a “transgression against God’s law,” and believes that they can “change.” In 2004, Blackwell led the campaign to amend Ohio’s constitution to prohibit recognition of same-sex marriage or civil unions.

Besen said: “The very fact that Blackwell is under consideration reinforces the idea that the GOP is captive to its more extreme elements. If the GOP were trying to commit suicide, electing Blackwell would be the perfect poison pill to swallow.”

Other candidates are Katon Dawson, head of the South Carolina GOP who had to quit his membership in an all-white country club to run for chairman of the RNC; and Chip Saltsman the Tennessee party leader who handed out a Christmas CD at a holiday party that featured the song “Barack the Magic Negro.”

The Republican National Committee will meet January 28-31 in Washington, D.C., to elect a chairman.neobrut.comоптимизация интернет сайта