This was sent to us by the Kay Hutchison for Governor campaign. Yes, Barack Obama and Rick Perry are two peas in a pod, according to our senior Senator. And she found 15 things they have in common. Here they are and forgive me if I just had to make some snotty comments. Attack ads are so much fun. And forgive me for calling her Kay, but the logo above comes from the email she sent us.

PERRY PARALLEL #1: Perry And Obama Both Started Their Careers As Democrat State Legislators

OK. Well, Obama was a Democratic state legislator, but we get the idea.

PERRY PARALLEL #2: Perry And Obama Both Voted For Large Tax Increase Packages

Obama voted for some taxes in the Illinois legislature and Perry voted for tax increases, the largest in Texas history, while he was in the Texas legislature. And the governor at the time was Bill Clements. Um … Kay, wasn’t Clements a Republican? In the last hundred years, we’ve had three Republican governors. We know you don’t like Perry. Now you don’t like Clements. The third was Bush. And we should vote for you because of this campaign literature why?

PERRY PARALLEL #3: Perry And Obama Both Campaigned With Al Gore

Hutchison points out that “in 1988, Mr. Perry was co-chairman of Mr. Gore’s Texas campaign.” I’ll bet most of our readers didn’t know that. Thanks Kay.

PERRY PARALLEL #4: Perry And Obama Both Benefitted [sic] From The Federal Stimulus Package

She said “Rick Perry Was ‘Bailed Out’ Of Texas’ Budget Shortfall By The Federal Stimulus Package.”

She failed to mention that she voted for it.

PERRY PARALLEL #5: Perry And Obama Have Both Attacked George W. Bush’s Record

Again, Perry making sense.

PERRY PARALLEL #6: Perry And Obama Both Practice Chicago-Style Politics

We get it. Obama’s from Illinois. But here’s her point: “Rick Perry Practices A Style Of Politics Reminiscent Of “Richard J. Daley’s Chicago.” The Dallas Morning News’ Gromer Jeffers: “Well I mean, the question is, is he Rick Perry or Boss Perry? This is getting more like Richard J. Daley’s Chicago where you have the machine and all this kind of stuff goes on.”

Note: Kay and Morning News attacking. Not me.

PERRY PARALLEL #7: Perry And Obama Both Fight For ACORN Priorities

“According to the ACORN web site, its members were celebrating with Perry in 2005 as the governor ‘signed the ‘Contract for Deed’ bill passed on May 24th. This is the culmination of over a year of campaigning by Texas ACORN.”

OK, here I can talk from personal experience. When the attack dogs went after ACORN, (a grassroots organization that helped people not lose their homes) Obama turned on them. Organizations that had any affiliation with ACORN were also attacked. KNON (which shared office space with them) was audited three times (and came out completely clear and clean). The audits were done by the state and by the federal government. Perry and Obama. Why didn’t they audit ACORN in Dallas itself? Because ACORN in Dallas is gone.

PERRY PARALLEL #8: Perry And Obama Both Presided Over A Massive Increase In Spending And Debt

“Rick Perry Has Presided Over A 86% Increase In The State Budget, And A 137% Increase In State Debt.”

I feel like I’m defending Perry here. Kay, you’re not helping me. The budget increased, but Texas population increased by millions in the last 10 years. Budget increased too much? Last governor whose budget you liked? Ann Richards? OK. Agreed.

PERRY PARALLEL #9: Perry And Obama Both Supported TARP

And neither of them could access TARP funds had Hutchison not voted for them.

PERRY PARALLEL #10: Perry And Obama Both Govern In Secrecy

Obama hired people from “Get Smart” and installed the Cone of Silence in the Oval Office. Seems like if there was some information she wanted from the White House, she has the number, call. Obama’s been trying to talk to a Republican – any Republican – for a year.

PERRY PARALLEL #11: Perry And Obama Both “Commended” Hillary Clinton’s Healthcare Reform Efforts

What reforms? Kay wasn’t in the Senate yet to help kill any chance, but in case she hadn’t noticed, nothing happened. Hillary’s reforms never even got to the Senate for debate.

PERRY PARALLEL #12: Perry And Obama Both Spent Thousands Of Dollars On Taxpayer-Funded Family Vacations.

Rick Perry Spent Over $12,000 In Taxpayer Funds On His Son’s Bachelor Party In Las Vegas.

And she flies home to Texas every week using her own AAdvantage miles? Don’t think so. That’s not how it works.

PERRY PARALLEL #13: Perry And Obama Both Have Similar Healthcare Reform Proposals

Yes, Obama’s healthcare reform is basically the one John McCain proposed during the election. Perry supported McCain. That’s his proposal. But we haven’t heard what Kay’s proposal is.

PERRY PARALLEL #14: Perry And Obama Have Both Engaged In Questionable Land Deals


PERRY PARALLEL #15: Perry And Obama Both Believe In Government Run Healthcare

Actually, if they believe in the same healthcare reform, then they believe in mandating insurance from private insurance companies. Or maybe Obama really supports single payer. But then, he supports something different than Perry. But Kay said they support the same thing. Now I’m confused.

She explains:

Barack Obama Supports Government Mandated Health Insurance.

PERRY: Rick Perry Supports Government Mandated HPV Vaccines.

Health insurance from private companies is the same thing as mandating a vaccine?

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