I was in line at the Angelika Film Center this weekend when someone in front of me asked for “two tickets to the Holocaust movie.” At first, I thought, “Poor fella — he needs to be at the Magnolia, where ‘The Reader’ is playing.”

But the man behind the glass merely said, “Do you mean ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’?” “Yes,” the man said.

So I looked at the marquee. He actually had two choices: “Boy,” but also “Valkyrie,” Tom Cruise’s not-terrible actioner set during WWII. Then there’s “Defiance” opening soon, and another war film, “Waltzing with Bashir,” coming soon. Add “Doubt” and “Frost/Nixon,” “Revolutionary Road” and “Rachel Getting Married,” and it’s just a party of fun out there!

That’s why I’m going to see “Marley & Me” today.нужны копирайтерыоптимизация сайта что это такое