Sen. Kevin Eltife, R-Tyler

Tiffany Bishop, Central Texas lead coordinator for GetEQUAL TX, just posted this on Facebook:

Just got home from the Texas Capitol. I went to all 5 members of the Economic Development Committee and spoke to their respective chiefs of staff about the Fair Employment Act (SB237). Earlier this morning when I called Senator Eltife’s office, his staffer, Chuck, was very rude to me and hung up on me before I could ask about the bill.

When I walked into Senator Eltife’s office, I was directed to Chuck again. After I introduced myself and explained that I don’t trust Chuck to deliver the message I said “I’ll be more than happy to wait here for the Senator until he gets back.” Then I sat down in one of the office chairs, set down my backpack, and pulled out my Kindle and started reading.

They freaked out. Called DPS….then told me they called DPS. It was obvious that they were trying to scare me or something. When I said “I have every right to be here. If the officers decide that I don’t have a right to be here, then I’m happy to leave or wait outside. Until then I’m totally fine sitting in this chair right here.” When I wasn’t rattled at all by the threat of DPS they freaked out even more.

I think Chuck even said he’d be happy to speak with me. I told him “no Chuck, you made it very clear on the phone that you ‘don’t have time’ to talk to me about this.

When DPS came they were super sweet. We talked and joked for a bit. They ran my ID. Then told me I can visit any other offices, just not Eltife’s office. If I visit Eltife’s office again, I will be charged with harassment.

Guess I’m dangerous lol. Who knew?

Equality Texas issued an Action Alert three weeks ago urging people to contact members of the Economic Development Committee — which left the Fair Employment Act pending after a hearing on April 3 — and tell them the following:

• I do not support employment discrimination and believe it should be prohibited,

• We must combat the notion that Texas is a backwater state that is not welcoming to all sectors of the labor force,

• I support Senate Bill 237, “The Fair Employment Act.” 76% of Texas voters support it. And I ask you to support it, too.

Contact information for committee members is below.

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