Jalenzski Brown

A few tickets are still available for United Black Ellument’s “Black Love & Unity Fashion Show and Community Appreciation Dinner” tonight from 7-11 p.m. at Quixotic World Theater, 2824 Main St. in Deep Ellum.

This evening showcases Dallas’ community of young Black same-gender-loving men in a positive light while creating space for attendees to receive social support in the fight against HIV/AIDS. UBE will recognize individuals and organizations in the community who have contributed to ending the HIV epidemic among young black same-gender-loving men in Dallas County.

The “Black Love and Unity Fashion Show” will explore life as a young black same-gender-loving man navigating the HIV landscape. Scenes from the show include: “Pre-Diagnosis,” “Sex and Intimacy,” “Diagnosis,” and “Living in Your Truth.”

“The ability of a community to move itself progressively forward is contingent upon it’s ability to cultivate loving spaces and act in a unified manner,” said Jalenzski Brown, team leader of UBE. “With the disproportionate impact of the HIV epidemic in the Black community, more specifically among Black same-gender-loving men, the to time to act is now.”

UBE, a program of Resource Center, enables young black same-gender-loving men to fulfill their greatest potential for good and creates new ways for young men to come together, meet, socialize and support each other.

Although tickets are free, seating is limited so RSVP to