The cast.
The cast of Showtime’s ‘The Real L Word.’

Former Dallas Morning News TV critic Ed Bark, aka Uncle Barky, has posted a review of Showtime’s new series, “The Real L Word,” in which he basically argues that the show doesn’t have enough lesbian sex in it:

The first two episodes sent for review flaunt the language expected from a premium pay network without any advertisers to offend. But the above publicity photo is more provocative than anything you’ll otherwise see. Participants on HBO’s long-running Real Sex are more than happy to disrobe. Not so the six featured lesbians on The Real L Word, whose almost comically chaste bedroom scenes show less flesh than your basic daytime soap opera. Or pool party. Or walk around the block on a hot summer day. It’s like The A-Team without explosions.

This may shock you, but I’ve never even seen an episode of the original “The L Word.” And I certainly don’t claim to speak for any lesbians or women. But personally I don’t have a problem with Bark’s review. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see GLAAD go after him.