Bart Poche

University of North Texas’ Center for Psychosocial Health Research needs 100 more lesbian, bisexual and transgender participants.

Researcher Barton Poche said the research study, which examines quality of life in LGBT folks 50+ years old, reached the number of gay male participants they need, but they’re still looking for lesbians, bisexuals and trans folks. The study is intended to advance research on health, social support, and emotional happiness of the aging LGBT community (50+ years), an under-represented group in current research.

“We hope to identify needs for the community in the areas of mental health, healthcare, social services, and legislation,” Poche said in an email. “All information we collect is kept strictly confidential, and the results of our study are only published/presented in aggregate.”

Participants in the study meet with research assistants from UNT’s Center for Psychosocial Health Research and will meet team members in public places appropriate for the task that are geographically convenient to participants.

You don’t have to go up to Denton to participate. Resource Center is providing use of their meeting rooms to conduct surveys. Surveys are conducted in person on a laptop (provided), which usually takes about an hour and a half to complete. All participants receive a $25 cash incentive for their participation.

If you would like to help advance this important research, please contact:

Center for Psychosocial Health Research, University of North Texas. ProjectGrayPride@gmail.com, 214-699-7146.