UNT student Jake Richert contacted me for a little help with his student group. The Gay and Lesbian Association of Denton is in search of finding LGBT families to come and talk to their group at their Mar. 3 meeting at 7 p.m. They are hoping to have a panel put together by Feb. 28 but wanted to get the word out ASAP. Here is Richert’s message.

glad: The North Texas Queer Alliance at UNT in Denton, TX is looking for panelists for our Wednesday, March 3, 2010 meeting on campus at 7PM. The panel topic is about the joys, struggles, and overall experience of being an LGBT family in America and in Texas today.

For our panel, we’re looking for representation from everyone in the LGBT community – specifically LGBT parents – with diverse structure, background, and experience. Those who started out LGBT and those with LGBT parents as a new facet are both welcome. Children (young adult age +, please) are also welcome to come and share. We want to hear about adoption, parenting, legal struggles, schools, coming out to children, church life, family support, constructs of motherhood/fatherhood, etc. – how ever many avenues we can explore, the better.

Also, we do not necessarily need the entire family. One parent can come speak on behalf of their entire family, for example.

For more information on glad, visit our blog here.

Peace, love, & rainbows.


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