Mark Frazier

On Wednesday we reported that Dallas Eagle co-owner Mark Frazier is in negotiations to buy the San Francisco Eagle Tavern, including that Frazier had told the San Franscio LGBT newspaper, Bay Area Reporter, that if the sale goes through, he will move to San Francisco. We also noted that we had not yet confirmed the report with Frazier himself.

On Wednesday night, we received an email from Frazier who said that yes, “there is some truth” in the B.A.R. report, but that “nothing is final, and I haven’t left Dallas.”

He said there are still “lots of details to work out” before the sale goes through, and he promised that even if the deal does go through, he won’t leave Dallas completely.

“Should this [deal] come to fruition, I would split my time between Dallas and SF,” Frazier said. “Dallas is my home and I will remain an owner in the Dallas Eagle. I love the community here and hope to be part of it for years to come.”

Frazier also said he believes that his experience here with Dallas Eagle puts him in prime shape to turn things around at the SF Eagle, a longtime gathering place for that city’s leather community that had been in danger of closing.

“There are many challenges and hurdles that face the SF Eagle, including refocusing on becoming the community bar it once was,” Frazier wrote. “Many bars and business are closing nationally. I see the problem as two-fold: 1. The owners have lost their passion and their connection with the community; and 2. The community has chosen not to support businesses and have chosen other venues.

“I feel that I am qualified to help the bar reach its potential,” Fraizer said.