First Baptist Church of Dallas has reportedly pulled a YouTube video clip from last Sunday’s sermon in which Pastor Robert Jeffress compared sex to plugging in your iPod. And John Charles McKee, who just e-mailed me a copy of the clip he saved before it was pulled, thinks he knows why. Here’s what McKee said in the e-mail:

“For some reason (perhaps because it made Jeffress look like an absolute fool) First Baptist Church took down the video of him explaining how sex is like an iPod. Fortunately I had the forethought to save it before they did. I have left a message with the First Baptist media relations department nicely asking them to
re-upload it but I seriously doubt that they will so here is the copy I grabbed before the removal.

“I’d love to see a new post for the re-uploaded video to point out how they removed the video when they had a little bit of scrutiny for their obviously foolish statements. I and many other people have dragged their iPods all over the world and plugged it in using the same power adaptor I use in the U.S. in 240-volt outlets, just like it says on the side of the adaptor that Apple sells in its own stores right next to the plug adaptors for several countries.”виды продвижения сайта