PlanoLiberty Institute, a Plano-based organization that promotes so-called “freedom of religion issues,” responded to the Plano city secretary throwing out all recall petitions for the Plano Equal Rights Ordinance with a threat of possible further action. When signatures were found to be invalid in a Houston recall, the organizers took the city to court. The final outcome of that case is pending.

Here’s what Liberty Institute sent Dallas Voice this afternoon:

Today, the city of Plano threw out a petition, signed by over 8000 citizens, requesting the city to overturn a controversial Equal Rights ordinance. The ordinance poses serious threats to the First Amendment right of freedom of speech and religious liberty, which led citizens to collect signatures to request the city to place the ordinance on the ballot for a vote of the people.

In response to the city’s announcement, Liberty Institute General Counsel Jeff Mateer said, “While we are shocked that the city has so little regard for its citizens, we remain committed to advancing religious liberty and challenging this ordinance that clearly violates laws protecting religious freedom.”

Gregg Wooding
Liberty Institute Media Director

What Liberty Institute didn’t do was show the petitioners how to submit a legal petition. It doesn’t matter that 8,000 people signed the petition. The petition has to be legally prepared and the signatures have to be valid.