Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

In a statement to the press in response to House Speaker Joe Straus’ declaration that there will be no more compromise on ridiculous bathroom bills, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told the press that it’s Straus’ fault the Legislature will be called into a special session.

According to tweets by Quorum Report’s Scott Braddock, Patrick, a press conference, accused Straus of using the language of “left-wing Democrats,” and said that Straus doesn’t care what Texans want when it comes to bathrooms, only what Straus himself wants.

(Funny that, coming from the man who insists on passing a bathroom bill, even though it can’t even get a hearing in the House.)

Patrick also declared, “We will be in a special session caused by Joe Straus himself.”

Braddock, noting via Twitter that Gov. Greg Abbott could weigh in on the issue at any moment — only the governor can actually call a special session, despite all of Patrick’s bluster — Braddock concluded with a tweet saying,  The speaker takes bathrooms off the table, leaves property taxes in play for leverage to bring the budget to the floor. That’s check.”

As we noted in a previous post, a source in Austin said that the consensus there is that Patrick “is unraveling. He can only grandstand so much. … This is unreal.”