Arkansas Rep. Justin Harris

The story of the Arkansas legislator who “rehomed” his two adopted daughters just gets more bizarre.

According to the Arkansas Times, Rep. Justin Harris and his wife Marsha believed the two girls could communicate telepathically and were possessed by demons.

A woman who babysat for the Harrises said “experts” from Alabama were brought in to perform an exorcism on the girls. She said the older girl, who was raped after she was “rehomed,” was not allowed out of her room in the Harris home, and was monitored by camera.

Another source said Marsha Harris showed her a video of the older girl interacting with a demon that was obviously only in Harris’ head.

Justin Harris said he took the six-year-old child’s toys away from her at the advice of a therapist, but other therapists told the Arkansas Times that didn’t sound like any sort of appropriate therapy.