Last month, we blogged about Kansas City Chiefs’ player Larry Johnson controversy of using anti-gay slurs on reporters and even on his Twitter feed. He was immediately suspended pending investigation. The Chiefs announced today that Johnson has been dropped from the team.

Soon after, we heard Drew Gooden of the Mavericks called actor Chris Wylde and his friend “faggot at an L.A. Clippers game last week. There were a lot of holes in the story but team owner Mark Cuban assured it was being looked into. The holes in mention were Wylde’s accusations going unheard or unseen and his coincidental ties to a Web-based show about heckling basketball teams reaked of a publicity stunt. But now, two more people have come forward with a similar story against (also at a Clippers game) and the NBA is on the case. OutSports offered this update last Friday.

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