The Rev. Rachel Baughman, senior pastor of Oak Lawn UMC, opens the door to the community

Oak Lawn United Methodist Church, located in the heart of the gayborhood at the intersection of Oak Lawn Avenue and Cedar Springs Road, is currently serving as a pop-up emergency/overflow homeless shelter, and the church needs help providing meals for those seeking refuge from the cold winter weather.

The church’s doors open for shelter services at 6 each evening and the shelter services wind up at 9 each morning, and the church provides those seeking shelter with two meals: dinner and breakfast.

The Rev. Ben A. David Hensley noted in an email this morning (Wednesday, Jan. 3), “We could really use either financial help or in-kind help in providing these meals, as all of this is far above and beyond our operating costs. We fed around 60 people on Sunday night and Monday morning, and fed around 45 [Tuesday night/Wednesday morning]. … This is utterly temporary, but we want to do our part in serving this neighborhood — this cold is nasty.”

The church is located at 3014 Oak Lawn Avenue. For information on what the church needs contact Rev. David Hensley at  336-688-4610.