Legacy Founders Cottage

We received an urgent plea from Legacy Founders Cottage. Most of their new clients arrive with few belongings and fewer resources, but a new client arrived yesterday with nothing but the clothes on his back.

“We had a new resident move in yesterday,” Courtney, Legacy’s housing coordinator wrote. “He’s been chronically homeless for the past 12 months and has virtually no clothing besides what he was wearing when he came to us.”

Here are his sizes:

Underwear: L/XL

Shoes: size 12

Pants: 38W, 34L (he’s 6’2)

Shirt/Jacket/Sweatshirts: XL

Socks: L

“Would you be able to wrap our new resident in care?” Courtney wrote. “We are asking for new Socks/Underwear and new or gently used outerwear to make this the best he has felt in at least a year.”

Drop off clothing items at Legacy Counseling Center, 4054 McKinney Ave., Suite 209, or at the Cottage, 828 S. Tyler Street. Cash donations are also welcome so staff can buy him a few things he needs.