The University of Texas at Austin will include at least one gender-neutral bathroom in every new campus building and convert some bathrooms in older buildings, according to the UT Daily Campus.

Gender-neutral bathrooms are becoming more common on college campuses around the country, mostly because they are advocated by LGBT groups.

But as the story points out, gender-neutral bathrooms don’t just benefit transgender people. For example, they give people with medical conditions such as diabetes a private place to administer their medication, and allow opposite-sex attendants to accompany disabled people.

Transgender students are a primary focus of the new facilities at UT, though. Students who don’t conform to gender norms might feel uncomfortable or threatened in men’s or women’s bathrooms.

Associate Vice President Linda Millstone of the Office of Institutional Equity and Workforce Diversity is leading the initiative. She said that in many buildings, there are already small bathrooms with only one or two stalls. So the only needed changes would be replacing signs and adding locks.