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How does cross-dressing porn legend and club DJ Chi Chi LaRue plan to spend the most romantic holiday? With sexy boys in a strip club, natch

BITTER, PARTY OF ONE Despite her history with, umm, ‘love-making,’ notorious drag diva Chi Chi LaRue says Valentine’s Day is a hard pill for her to swallow. And boy does she have practice.

Chi Chi LaRue at The Tin Room,
2514 Hudnall St. Feb. 12–13.


Sometimes, even a stable of hot muscle studs willing to indulge your every sexual fantasy simply isn’t enough. Despite a career as the most famous (notorious?) gay porn director in the biz, drag diva and club DJ Chi Chi LaRue still finds Valentine’s Day something to be bitter about. She also hates New Year’s Eve and Halloween. But she comes to Dallas this weekend with her own sort of optimism.
Before her stint at the Tin Room Saturday and Sunday (she moved it back from Friday due to the weather), she spoke with Dallas Voice about spending her rosy holiday in town. She’ll have a hot man at her side even if she’s not all for the hearts and chocolates.                  

Dallas Voice: I hear you’re bitter about the holiday.  LaRue: I hate it. I always wonder, am I a loser because I don’t have a boyfriend or am I a winner because I’m not with someone else? I just want to end up with someone that I like, such as a friend.

Other than spinning at the Tin Room, what are your V-Day plans?  Steven Daigle [the Dallas man and former Big Brother contestant who recently did a hardcore porn film] and I will be going out that day. But then it’s like "Where are gonna go out to eat?" Every place will be full with all the lov-ahs and I’ll just get more bitter about seeing all those gay girlfriends and boyfriends.

Snagging Daigle for a movie was big — gave you some headlines.  I know! TMZ did a whole thing on it. You know, I have a couple of friends in Dallas who were on Big Brother. I love Dallas. I haven’t been there in a long time.

What do you love about it here?  I love those girls at the Rose Rome. Dallas loves drag. I’m coming to the Tin Room to have a good time. I’m DJing the first night and hosting on the second.

Yeah, your newest hat is DJ. What’s up with that?  It’s my new thing. I don’t like performing anymore, that doesn’t interest me. I’ll do a number here and there, but I really like DJing. I spin what everyone wants to hear like Madonna and Gaga. But really, it’s because I’m a control freak.

How’s the movie business going?  It could be better. It’s trudging along. I’ve got a great stable of guys. Hmm, I can’t remember who I’ve worked with from Dallas. And my store, Chi Chi LaRue’s, is doing good in L.A. It’s bright pink and looks like a big makeup case exploded.

Geez: Drag, business owner, film director, now DJ.  I don’t know how I do all of it. I’m pushing the limits. I’m taking March off to have a little face lift! I’ve lost 120 pounds and now I have a chicken neck so I’m going to have it pulled back. I had gastric bypass surgery because I could not lose weight any other way. The doctor suggested it. I’m a stress eater. People ask what I want to eat and I say "A lot!"

Sounds like my diet. So what should Dallas expect from Chi Chi this time around?  I’m gonna offend some people — get into bar fights. No, I’m kidding. I’ve never had one. I’m really lucky. I’ve done some things to people where I should have been clocked! But I’ll sign autographs. People can take pics with me. I love a dirty strip bar. I’m shady. Why not?

Any advice for the Anti-Valentiners out there?  Relationships are not all they are cracked up to be. I think your best relationship is with your friends. I always think I maybe wanna boyfriend then I realize how horrible a BF I would be. You know what, I don’t know. Spend time with your friends. Oh, and of course, love yourself!

Yeah, with a Chi Chi movie.



Just because Chi Chi LaRue hates Feb. 14 doesn’t mean you have to resist it — but neither does that mean you have to do the cliche of dinner and flowers. (Although, if that is your style, turn to Page 36 for some restaurant recommendations this weekend.)

For those with a little derring-do, try this: Strap on the LoveBuckle, a belt that comes pre-loaded with a discreetly-tucked condom that slides behind the buckle. It’s perfect for fashionistas who don’t want to keep track of their protection, but think there’s a reason why Valentine’s Day is meant for lovers. Available at

Then head with you your accessory over to South Side on Lamar for an unusual festival. We all wonder what vampires do on Valentine’s, right? Well, four of them will help you find out at the Vampires’ Valentine’s Musical Soiree. Chief Vampire Gustave de la Croix leads his bloodsucking quartet in a revue of cabaret and storytelling. They should add a different flavor to the lovey-dovey day.

The Blue Room at South Side on Lamar, 1409 S. Lamar St. Feb. 12­–13 at 8 p.m. $20.

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