For two years, the folks at Zeus Comics on Lemmon have produced a very amusing, Dallas-centric and incredibly gay web series — a fictionalized look at life in a comic book store — called The Variants, which just ended its second season in February. It’s been a labor of love, which is another way of saying they don’t make any money off it.

Well, they want some to keep it going.

“We’ve done as much as we can out of pocket,” said series co-creator and writer Ken Lowery. “But to move forward and give this show the production values it needs, we’re going to need a little help.”

If you’d like to see Season 3 of the series, you can help them reach the (pretty modest) fundraising goal of $8,000. They’re all signed up on Kickstarter, the site that helps filmmakers fund their projects; gay Texas filmmaker Yen Tan reached his fundraising goal after a feature in Dallas Voice last year. We can do the same for The Variants.

And there are some perks. Season 3 will include new cast members, plus the series will move from a monthly to a weekly release schedule. That’s better than Mad Men averages.

To donate, just click here. We can put ’em over the top.

UPDATE: Zeus owner and Variants star Richard Neal promises, if we bring back a Season 3, they will offer up the series’ first gay kiss.