In a twist on the classic “guest star as himself” sitcom trope, the Dallas-based webseries The Variants scored a major (geek) coup by tapping acclaimed comic book writer Mark Waid (The Flash, Captain America, Kingdom Come) to do a guest shot. And it’s not just a walk-on, either: The webisode requires Waid to play like a 5-year-old (wistfully wishing he was Wonder Woman) and “come out” … as the famed comic book writer Mark Waid, a fact that has apparently escaped his “brother,” Zeus comic store owner Richard, for decades.

The premise is goofy, but Waid’s acting — and that of the rest of the cast, who have really become comfortable goofing it up before the camera — is pretty solid. Next up: William Holden flirting with Barry at the Brown Derby… Well, maybe not.

You can watch it here.