Angela Hunt

It’s not every day that one candidate in a race criticizes a second candidate for attacking a third candidate. But that’s exactly what happened tonight in the District 14 Dallas City Council race, when challenger Vernon Franko sent out a press release criticizing fellow challenger James Nowlin for criticizing incumbent Angela Hunt.

Franko’s press release comes in response to an email sent out by Nowlin’s campaign on Saturday night touting his fundraising lead in the race. The headline of Nowlin’s email read, “Nowlin surges ahead, Hunt a celebrity not a servant.”

“The incumbent is more focused on being a celebrity than a servant and District 14 has taken notice,” Nowlin’s email stated. “Ms. Hunt tried to run for Mayor and failed at that. Now, she is using the 14th District as her backup political plan and that’s unfair to our great city and our district.”

The Nowlin email went on to criticize Hunt, whom it called “entrenched,” for voting in favor of a tax increase. The email also alleged that Hunt is ineffective because others on the council are “openly hostile” to her ideas.

“District 14 lags in consensus-building and suffers for Hunt’s arrogance,” the Nowlin email said.

And apparently that upset Franko, who sent out a press release tonight under the headline, “City Council Candidate Vernon Franko Condemns Email Attack Ad by Candidate James Nowlin as Embarrassing and Immature.”

”This is one of the most despicable things I have ever seen coming from a candidate,” Franko said in the press release. “It demonstrates an absence of integrity and a lack of respect for the very office he hopes to occupy. Councilwoman Hunt has proven an honorable, tireless representative of District 14 and these kinds of desperately vicious attacks on her character are totally unfounded. There are four of us running to represent the citizens of District 14 in the City of Dallas. It is a position of great responsibility and importance. Calling another candidate or elected official a name that has no bearing on the office or the person is not only unethical, it’s also just immature.”

“In our schools today, we teach our children that calling other children names is wrong. Maybe we need to educate our adults as well.” Franko said. “There is a difference between the candidates running for Dallas City Council. I hope the voters will ignore juvenile ranting and look at the issues to make an informed choice.”

And what does Hunt have to say about all this? Well, the only thing that arrived in our Inbox today from the incumbent is this update on a proposed task force on gas drilling.

We wonder if the fourth candidate in the race, Brian Oley, will send out a press release criticizing Franko for criticizing Nowlin for criticizing Hunt.