The vixen who played South Fork’s Pam Ewing if facing some dramatic charges.

FROM E! News:

“The erstwhile Pamela Ewing is the target of an assault lawsuit brought by a former maid who claims Principal pulled a gun on her after she took too long walking the actress’ dog one evening. According to the complaint filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, before she allegedly brandished a firearm, Principal fired housekeeper Maribel Banegas and told her to leave after accusing her of staying away from the house for too long with the pooch.
Principal then went upstairs, returning not with her checkbook as Banegas expected but with a gun in her hand, the former maid says.
The 59-year-old then aimed the weapon at Banegas and threatened to kill her, even asking another housekeeper who was in the room to step aside so she could shoot Banegas, the lawsuitпродвижение сайта это