Kill the FaggotsA so-called Christian game developer has created a game called Kill the Faggots.

Here’s the game description:

“Hate gays? Want to unleash your frustration with the ‘LGBT’ community? Well now is your chance.

“Murder gays and transgenders [sic] while avoiding killing straight people. Get points before time runs out.”

The directions are in the photo above.

The game was created by Skaldic Games, “an independent game studio that strives to bring unique game and app ideas to life since 2012.” Skaldic Games is based in Los Angeles, according to their website.

Their game was uploaded to Steam Greenlight, an online gaming community where developers can test its new products. Steam pulled the game off its site after complaints and said it didn’t vet games before they were uploaded to the site.

Skaldic said an apology wasn’t going to happen. They were going for outrage and attacking political correctness. Their next game, they promise, will be more offensive.

Maybe even reporting on this just gives these creeps the publicity they were going for.