Dallas Voice is looking for nude models. Don’t worry if you haven’t been the gym lately or are even a little camera shy. Because it’s not you who will be nude — it will be your dog.

We’re gearing up with the Readers Voice Awards next spring, where we declare the top dogs in a variety of categories — and what better way to introduce the winners than with our readers’ own “top dogs.”

So here’s the deal: We want you to submit photos of your pooch or pooches. You can be in it or not. You can dress up Fido if you wanna (naked animals are OK), but that’s up to you. In fact, there are virtually NO limits on what you submit … as long as there’s a dog in the pic. Once we get all the entries, the we’ll be selecting the top 10. Those finalists will come in for their own professional photoshoot and those pictures will be put up on the Web site for readers to vote on. The winner gets to be the face of the Readers Voice Awards. (The nine other finalists will be part of the spread, too.)

But that’s not all. The winning team (pet and master) will have $2,500 donated in their names to AIDS Arms’ LifeBark 2010 as a “dogleg-up” on on next year’s LifeWalk event (which can be in addition to any funds you raise yourself if you wanna set some kind of crazy fundraising record).

Don’t take too long, though. The deadline to submit your photo is Dec. 4. E-mail it to [email protected] Yippie dogs go to the front of the line. (Not really, but they think they do.)

So get moving! Who’s a good fella? Who? You is!продвижение сайта в сети интернет