Carlos Saenz makes a move toward his music career with a CD release party Feb. 5 at ilume. The single, “Elaborate Lives,” from the musical Aida, is an apropos ballad to Saenz’s voice and features guest vocals by Jeanie Tracy of “Cha Cha Heels” fame. I called Saenz to get his thoughts on this big, bold step to music stardom. Check it out after the jump. Of course, deets on the event are in the poster.

Dallas Voice: How do you feel about the CD release? Saenz: I’m pretty excited. I started working on the single in March and in the middle of working on it during Voice of Pride. But I’m also exhausted. I work full time and at same time planning this event. Tiring but very exciting.

You released the single last week. Any feedback? The single released last Thursday and less than two days, my friend said he heard my song playing on GirlRadio.

Why this song? I got a Broadway compilation CD and this song really spoke to me. When it came on, I just hit repeat.

Once you get past this release, what’s next? I have plans for a full-length album. I go back into the studio later this year. My goal is to get recognition with the song and book gigs and eventually get an agent.

How do you describe your music? I have tons of songs. I love anything that sounds good and I love singing ballads.

You’ll be performing live at the party, nervous? The more I do things, the more comfortable I get performing. It solidifies it more every time. Voice of Pride was nerve-wracking but even though I didn’t place in the top five, it made me hungrier for my own personal success.

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