Michael Doughman of the Dallas Tavern Guild sent the following  press release out today regarding Voice of Pride winner Michael Gasparro.

We are sorry to report that due to sudden and personal, unforeseen circumstances, Michael Gasparro, the winner of 2009 Voice of Pride will not be able to fulfill his commitments and has been withdrawn from further participation.  This occurrence was not through any fault of Michael’s and he will always be recognized as the winner of Voice of Pride 2009.  We mutually agree to release him from his further commitments.

I called Doughman for further word. He stood by the release, however, he did offer this: “Michael was very disappointed. Whatever it was, it was personal enough for him to do this.” What this means for sure is we won’t be performing at the Pride Parade.

I interviewed Gasparro after his win back in August. He was quite gracious and humble during our chat. Hopefully the circumstances, whatever they may be, will iron out and put this talent back on track.рекламное агентствореклама яндекса