I wanted to share with you an e-mail that was just sent to Dallas Voice employees by Publisher Robert Moore.

“On CNN this morning I heard a news correspondent declare, ‘It was a lousy night for gay rights.’

Maybe. There were some extremely disappointing results, but there were some bright spots as well.

Most disappointing was the passage of gay marriage bans in three states — Florida, Arizona and California.  No doubt the California result is the hardest to take. Even in a state where a liberal Democrat won the vote for president by an overwhelming 24 percent, the majority of people still decided that gays and lesbians are second-class citizens and took away fundamental rights that they had been given by the courts. A very sad commentary.

But here, in a very conservative state, we saw a lesbian Latina sheriff who faced a tough campaign get re-elected. And the progressive forces picked up seats in the Texas Legislature.

When our next president took the stage to address the people of this country for the first time as its new leader, he told them that we are all Americans — “gay and straight.” He spoke for us.

Forty-four years ago after a great and sometimes violent struggle, the minority citizens of this country finally had their right to vote protected by the Voting Rights Act of 1964. How long did that take after they were made a “free people”?

Sometimes we forget that until 2003 there were laws in this state we call home, as well as other states, that said sexual relationships between two men or two women were illegal. Discrimination was the law of the land not so long ago.

I can assure you that African-Americans do not believe that even the election of Barack Obama eliminated racism in this country.

If you want to know if the work we do as gay Americans is still important — if you want to know if we still need to be here — last night’s election results made the answer clear. The answer is yes.”поддержка сайта яндекс