The Jaeger boys were almost as popular Sunday as the singers.

The Jaeger boys were almost as popular Sunday as the singers.

I was one of seven men (no women this round!) tapped to judge the semi-final round of the Voice of Pride competition, which took place last night at the Round-Up Saloon. I got a kick out of how the other judges were worried that the contestants would see their comments and know who made them; me, I sign my name to reviews all the time and take the wrath.

The competition was exceptional. Honestly, there was hardly a sour note to be heard all evening. My top five — the ones that I adjudged clearly above the rest — all made it through; the next seven on my list were all clumped closely together, showing how intense the competition was. All told, nine of my 12 choices made it through, and I have few complaints about the ones not on my list that succeeded. It was a lot of fun, despite McKenzie Storm razzing me all night… and one bar patron shamelessly hitting on me. But hey, that’s life.

The finals will be help at the Rose Room on Sunday, Aug. 16.

Read a complete list of finalists after the jump.

The VOP finalists, in alphabetical order:


Mel Arizpe

Greg Castillo

Melissa Dorn

Michael Gasparro

Juliana Jeffrey

Angie Landers

Robert Olivas

Jennifer Paghi

Christine Pradia

Carlos Saenz, pictured above

Eric Way

Spencer West, pictured below

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