If you were not one of the thousands who turned out over the last two weeks to cast their ballots early, then don’t miss your chance to vote tomorrow.

I know a lot of people might think their “vote won’t count” in the presidential election, since Texas is a reliably red state, and one vote more or less for either Obama or McCain won’t make a difference in the outcome (thanks to the Electoral College).

But the fact is, there are A LOT of other very important races that will be decided tomorrow. There are sheriff’s races in both Dallas and Tarrant County. Control of Congress is up for grabs, along with control of the Texas Legislature. And the Electoral College has nothing to do with the outcomes there!

We are talking about the future of your county, your state, your country — the future of your life. This is an historic election, in more ways than one, no matter who wins the White House.

So have your say. Make your voice heard. Vote on Tuesday.анализ ключевых фраз поиска