Grassroots Solutions, one of the leading campaign training organizations, has nominated four people for “Organizer of the Year” after an initial voting period.

HRC Regional Field Organizer Karl Bach had a strong showing in the first round, and he is now in the four-way run off. The voting for this run-off ends Monday, Dec. 20.

Please click the link below and check-off Karl’s name.  Then, please forward the link and post/tweet today.

This past Spring Karl led our successful efforts in Nebraska to win Senator Ben Nelson’s Yes vote on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal in the Senate Armed Services Committee.  In the fall, Karl worked with the southern Delaware office of the Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign office that helped assure that Delaware not send a Christine O’Donnell to the U.S. Senate.  Karl is now in Massachusetts where he is leading efforts to win Senator Scott Brown’s vote on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  Last year Karl helped Garden State Equality organize around marriage equality and he was also in Gainesville, Florida where he helped assure that that city’s non-discrimination law was affirmed at the ballot box.

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