So after a long week Obama has finally announced Joe Biden as his VP pick. Biden is senator for Delaware with a decent LGBT record. On the most recent Human Rights Campaign scorecard he got a 78 percent. He voted yes on hate crimes and yes on ENDA, and he supports repealing DADT.
The big question is whether Biden supports same-sex marriage. In 1996, he supported the Defense of Marriage Act, which would have defined marriage as between a man and a woman. But his tune has changed. He supports states’ right to decide between civil unions and marriage, but he supports equal rights and federal benefits for same-sex couples.
Another interesting note, when Biden was running in the primaries against Obama, he was the only candidate invited who did not take part in Logo’s debate on LGBT issues. He said he had a scheduling conflict.
I’ve included something I think is interesting below. When I was in Iowa covering the caucus there was something called a second chance vote. In order to get one of the nine delegates in our precinct, a candidate had to get 74 supporters. Bidden only got 21, a number very close to what Edwards and Richardson needed to get a delegate. Below is behind-closed-doors video of the discussion over who Biden backers should support instead. The politics involved here amazed me. Not once did they really consider Obama. In the end, they all went on to support Hillary.

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